Nassar Stone Group in Palestine


NASSAR STONE INVESTMENT & GENERAL CONTRACTING CO., one of the most important international Companies in the world for marble processing, has inaugurated a new plant near Bethlehem in Palestine, with the installation of technologically up-to date gang saws for the processing of stone materials.
As for the water treatment plant and sludge dewatering, NASSAR STONE INVESTMENT & GENERAL CONTRACTING CO., has relied on Fraccaroli & Balzan S.p.A., which, on the background of the experience built in more than forty years of activity, has designed, manufactured and installed a system, which represents the state of the art in the waste water treatment sector.
The plant consists of one circuit dedicated to the waste water gang saws, complete decantation unit, clean water storage tank for the decanted water and a pump group for sending back the clean water to the gang saws. The line is equipped with a fully automatic flocculant stations in order to optimize the flocculant consumption.
Concerning the mud dehydration, the liquid slurry discharged from the decantation unit is collected into a homogenizing mud tank and, through a centrifugal pump, is fed a filterpress mod. FB/1000-15 (nr. 15 plates, each plate size 1 x 1 m).
The whole plant is fully automatic and all functions and operating parameters are optimized and controlled by a PLC.
Qualified personnel of Fraccaroli & Balzan S.p.A. has taken care of the installation and the start up of the plant, as well as the set up of all parameters for an efficient plant functioning and the instruction of the local personnel.
To sum up, an innovative and pioneering plant, a reference of absolute prestige in addition to thousands more installed all around the world.