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Fraccaroli & Balzan S.p.A. is proud to propose its technology in the sector of stone processing, ceramics, engineered stone, aggregates, mining, concrete, recycling, tunneling, steel processing, biological and industrial processing (chemical/rubber/glass/petrochemical/steel), manufacturing innovative concept waste water and slurry treatment plants, filter press. Please select a field to view all our solutions.


News from Fraccaroli & Balzan S.p.A.

Serving Companies since 1969

Fraccaroli & Balzan S.p.A. was founded in 1969  by two partners, Tiziano Fraccaroli and Carlo Balzan. Launched in the stone processing sector, the Company shows from the very beginning its concern towards environmental issues, as a key element in the development of any business development. The production of plants for decantation and recycling of waste water coming from the stone processing starts in 1973, as well as the slurry dehydration systems.
The sales organization has expanded along with the business growth, so as to cover the whole world. The company uses agents, cooperators and dealers in Italy and abroad, and has installed more than 8000 plants. Fraccaroli & Balzan S.p.A. is constantly present all over the world partecipating to many trade shows.
All mechanic and electric components of the filterpresses and decantation plants are designed in accordance with European Norms (CE) and American Norms (UL/CSA), in full compliance of the relevant certifications.
Customers who rely on the goods and services of our Company have the assurance of purchasing a product 'Made in Italy' strictly manufactured in Italy: this guarantees the absolute originality of technological productions.
Fraccaroli & Balzan S.p.A. proposes a new approach to the solution of problems related to environment and waste management.
Fraccaroli & Balzan S.p.A. proposes waste water plants and slurry dehydration plants, filter press with a portable solution, the so called MOBILE plants. This type of plants, easy to assemble and to transport, originated from the specific demand of customers, who need to move their yard very often.
With the help of a laboratory located within the Company, it is possible to perform tests on waste water and slurry samples of the customer, in order to assess both the slurry degree of filterability and the type of chemicals to be used to achieve the best process performances.